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There are various clippings and incidents that are being removed as they are heart breaking and disturbing. 

The video contains real images and sequence of incidents without any exaggeration ir fiction.

Kindly watch, comment and share.

That Moment

That moment when u take up a task against all the world’s suppression and power
That moment when you stand for what is right
That moment when you are rejected and demotivated
Still you continue your fight
And ultimately comes that moment
when you taste success
And ultimately appreciated and applauded
That moment of zeal and happiness
is beyond the boundaries of words and expressions

Banega Swatch India

With the end of Swatchta Celebration Day, I wish to get our attention to the unhygienic minds possessed in our society. What about the MENTALITY SWATCHTA?
The mind that is blinded by power, envy, wrath, hate, anger and other evil traits.
The mind that is obsessed with patriarchy.
The mind that suppresses the weak and exploits them.
The mind that disrespects and destroys women and their souls.
The mind that is webbed with hypocrisy and dual standards.
The mind that mocks and insults others in order to attack their prestige and self esteem.
The mind that discriminates laws, ethics and cultures between male and female.
The mind that justifies inhuman and unjust activities.
The mind that attempts to manipulate others’ minds with lies, empty promises and deceit.
The mind that spits out trash and venom through their words of mouth without considering consequences even for once.

There are several such #DIRTY_MINDS which are in need of deep cleaning. This task is supposed to be done by the individual only. This is one of the genuine task to be accomplished everyday.


The most destructive mentality is:
“#Flames are #appreciated unless it #burns #my own #hands”

Sabse khatarnak #soch ajki ye hai ke:
“#Aag tab tak #acchi lagti hai jab tak wo mere khud ke hath na #jalaye”