òBook of Promises- Waadon ki Kitaab

Chorh gye wo bhi jinhone ne waadon ki kitaab thamaai thi humein

Shayad kisi panne me apne jaane ka zikr karna wo bhool gye

Ya phir hum hi galat they jo ankh bandh karke unke har unwaan ko gale se lagaaye baithe rahe.

Eventually, they also abandoned me who furnished me with a vibrant book of pledges.

Perhaps they forgot to mention that their commitments were dependent on certain circumstances.

Or maybe I was the fool who blindly believed their sugar-coated words and embraced their chapters of empty promises.


Lost Gains…

​That fear of losing before you have even gained, is one of the most confusing state.

Losing that smile before it stretches it from cheek to cheek.

Losing that opportunity before realizing if it’s once in a lifetime or not.

Losing that fresh bud of flower before it blooms.

Losing that love which has nothing but a hollow foundation.

Losing that stranger who has not yet committed to be by our side no matter what happens.

Losing that person who has been part of our life ever since we gained consiousness.

Losing that penny that’s earned after a long day’s work under the scorching heat of sun.

Losing that discount offer that may be availed once in a year.

Losing the last rays of light before dusk takes over.

Losing those moments of life where you learnt to live it.

Losing that heart before hearing it beating your name.

Losing those reasons where happiness flourished more than sorrow.

In the pool of lost seconds, dreams, desires and wishes, we continue to look for a peck of hope. That dim ray of expectation is certainly our saviour. We continue to live with the hope of keeping our fears and our perplexed thoughts deeply buried under the ground. This life indicates us to live, before death accompanies us forever.

Reincarnate your Soul: Being Human

Repentance is considered as the best method of reincarnation. It makes your soul free from your committed sins. A person repents on realizing that whatever path he was following or whatever deed he had committed were sins. As a human it is not possible to never commit a sin, else it will make you god not human. Everyone makes mistakes, but it is only human who regrets, asks for forgiveness and determines not to repeat following that wrong path again. 

Shape yourself!!

Its not essentially possible to punch away the negative circumstances with a positive attitute. But yes! Your positive attitude makes you fighter. In the end everything will end, including the hardest situation. Its your choice whether you desire to come out of it with a concrete, wiser soul or a weak, broken and depressed one. 

Its all the matter of your choice and will-power.

Lenses of Minds

Everything that you see is through the lens of your mind. The lens of your mind also gets blur, cracked, hazy and even discolored. Your lens of mind is your wisdom and prodigy and it belongs to you only. It is our responsibility to maintain and take care of it. Therefore, don’t forget to wipe the dirt away from it so that you can see what you should.Not what others desire you to see. 

Embark for self contentment! 

You are strong, because you have been through those phases of life that break weak hearts and destroy feeble minds. You survived no matter what came across. You fought every monstrous challenge and leaped over those deep dark pits. 

After overcoming such risk filled phases of life, its not important anymore to attain a reward or appreciation certificate from the “never” satisfied world. You need not look upto somrone to applaud your efforts or motivate you to do better. 

When you take up a challenge in life, you only need to evaluate whether it will benefit humanity and world. Unless it harms anyone, your task is worth persuasion. 

There is no guarantee if you will earn apprehension or criticism. As a matter of fact you should not be concerned about it. There are only a handful of qualities that one must stick to. These include being patient, wise, just, diligent and other such atttibutes.