Stand with #right and raise your voice against #wrong at  the beginning stage because it takes only a few minutes to turn a spark into fire. This fire may be a destructive one that will ruin the world. It can also be the fire with soothing warmth or of a torch that will brighten your path and surroundings.

Choice is yours…

Those who possess the courage to be enlightened with the light of truth are the ones who strive to explore it.

Jo himmat rakhte hain sach ka saamna karne ki wahi usko khojne ki taaqat aur koshish karte hain.

silent assisting hands are always worth appreciation than those applauding their deeds of help..
cz those who intent good for us understand our troubles and need not pronounce it every other day..

kisi se itni #nafrat bhi nahi karni chahiye ke khud uske jese ban jao

excessive #hatred often leads to imitating the #hated one

Chupp chap sab seh jaati hu
Dekh ke bhi me nazar andaz kar jaati hun
Janti hun tumhare karam, tumhari niyat bhi pehchanti hun,
magar phir bhi muskura ke anjaan ban jati hun.
Esa nahin ke awaz unchi nahin kar sakti me, me bhi ankhon me dhool jhonk sakti hun..
Par me sabar kar ke tumhare or khud ke sanskaaron ka fark naapti jaati hun…

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The only obstruction I face while dealing with people is #HYPOCRISY. It is because I control myself from thrashing them to hell….
#peace ✌