Koi Aya!

​Khoye lamho me koi qareeb agya

Andhere me akey wo ujala kar gaya..

Jahan ek kiran bhi na thi pyaar ki..

Wahan akar wo hazaro diye jala gaya..

Udne laga mann, machalne se bhi na ruka

Rom rom me apne uski khushboo ko basa lia

Anjaan hoke bhi woh anjaan na raha

Qudrat ne milana tha ussey

To rasta bhi khud bana diya..


Value it!

Value your good times as indeed you are blessed to live it

This world is full of people who are  either missing or waiting for theirs to come.

Purpose Matters!

Your haters have only one weapon to use against you and that is vilification. Give importance to your genuine critics and eliminate those whose sole purpose  is to demean you.

There is No End!

When all the doors seem to be closed
and you find no place to go
Never let your destiny fade
And you mustn’t lose hope
In this dark hour as well
Your own light will show the way
It is you who will seek your way out
Even in the deepest hour of misery
Your heart has a ray of joy
You will always have a reason to bounce back
And a life still beautiful to enjoy
This ray should not be stopped
That is all part of life
But the hope within you must not die.

Angry Footballers

​It is usually not expected for a sports person to lose temper especially when he is on the field. It demonstrates a failure of sportsman spirit. However, players are also human beings who may get cross at times.

The game of football may annoy the footballers sometimes. Mostly the players try to keep themselves composed. But when this short temperedness is witnessed on numerous occasions then a list of angry footballers is drafted.

So here we give you a list of players who got popular due to their extreme anger and definitely need to put some ice on their heads.

 1. Roy Keane

One of the best defending midfielder of his time, Roy Keane from Ireland acquired much fame due to his anger. This rage led to devastating result. Rooney’s career ended because of is fury when he had a tackle with Manchester City’s Alf Inge Haaland that broke his leg. Roy Keane later accepted that he desired to intentionally hurt Haaland.

2. Eric Cantona 

Cantona had a scandalous short temper image especially after his Kung-Fu Kick attack on a fan in 1995. This was a shocking moment for the whole football world. Eric had suffer the consequences of his fury as he was not chosen to play for France in World cup of 1998 and his team had gained victory without him.

3. El Hadji Diouf

El Hadji is also among those players who had demonstrated an unacceptable attitude on the field. Besides having a short temper, El Hadji had an irritating habit of spitting at the crowd, opponent players and even at his fans. He was once charged by the police for spitting at an 11 year old child. His anger earned him a 5 year ban. His extreme annoyance also made his manger consider to send him to a psychologist

4. Joey Barton

The list of angry players cannot be complete without Barton’s name. He has many infamous clashes registered in his career records. One of the worst display of Barton’s wrath was when he punched Tom Huddlestone of Hull City. Even his team mates had often suffered his fury. He got into trouble many times and even got arrested, but barton never listened to anyone nor learned any lesson.

5. Gennaro Gattuso

Guttuso is among those top players whose anger carried them away and spoiled their image once and for all. This big soccer player from Italy was observed having frequent clashes and fights with almost everyone around him; be it a player or referee. He had hot dialogues with his managers as well. Recurrent scuffles, terrible tantrum and a aptitude of doing harsh challenges made him one of the most feared players of his time.

It is often said that anger is the enemy of that very individual who practices it. These players have set an example as they had to suffer sooner or later. Though they were skilled and talented, they had to bear consequences because they were incompetent in controlling their wrath. Their frequent show of anger ruined their career, their image and brought their names included among the angry football players.

So, are you able to control your anger? If not, better start working on it. You must manage it before it destroys everything in your life.

Blessing of rationality!

Human beings are gifted with the utmost blessing of conscience. This allows us to ponder over various aspects of life with a rational approach. However, the present scenario is quite complex particulary for the youth. The youth is the softest target to guide and even misguide. Sometimes, in order to get themselves accepted in the society, one begins to follow the crowd blindly. It is however not essential that the path which a large number has selected is surely the right one. 

There are still some influential clusters existing only to crush and fracture those who decide to follow a distinguished path. Everyone has a right to analyse and choose their own way to follow. Unless it does not harm the fundamental aspects of humanity, it cannot be referred as insane or reprehensible.

People nowadays are afraid to debate. They prefer to argue and winning an argument is their sole motive, no matter what method they opt for. Such deplorable elements are the ones that aim to devastate one’s ability to be rational. These elements exist at every corner of the world. It is an individual’s responsibility to be strong enough to sieve them out and assure distance from them.

Beware of such squads who attack your minds and hijack your power of logical thinking and analysis.

òBook of Promises- Waadon ki Kitaab

Chorh gye wo bhi jinhone ne waadon ki kitaab thamaai thi humein

Shayad kisi panne me apne jaane ka zikr karna wo bhool gye

Ya phir hum hi galat they jo ankh bandh karke unke har unwaan ko gale se lagaaye baithe rahe.

Eventually, they also abandoned me who furnished me with a vibrant book of pledges.

Perhaps they forgot to mention that their commitments were dependent on certain circumstances.

Or maybe I was the fool who blindly believed their sugar-coated words and embraced their chapters of empty promises.