Cake Smearing on Parties

​I #hate people #smearing #cakes on parties! What a #waste! Shouldn’t that cake be given to those who #dream of #tasting such #delicious bites? 

Nonetheless its your #money !

Baki to #apkahipaisahai !


That Moment

That moment when u take up a task against all the world’s suppression and power
That moment when you stand for what is right
That moment when you are rejected and demotivated
Still you continue your fight
And ultimately comes that moment
when you taste success
And ultimately appreciated and applauded
That moment of zeal and happiness
is beyond the boundaries of words and expressions

Banega Swatch India

With the end of Swatchta Celebration Day, I wish to get our attention to the unhygienic minds possessed in our society. What about the MENTALITY SWATCHTA?
The mind that is blinded by power, envy, wrath, hate, anger and other evil traits.
The mind that is obsessed with patriarchy.
The mind that suppresses the weak and exploits them.
The mind that disrespects and destroys women and their souls.
The mind that is webbed with hypocrisy and dual standards.
The mind that mocks and insults others in order to attack their prestige and self esteem.
The mind that discriminates laws, ethics and cultures between male and female.
The mind that justifies inhuman and unjust activities.
The mind that attempts to manipulate others’ minds with lies, empty promises and deceit.
The mind that spits out trash and venom through their words of mouth without considering consequences even for once.

There are several such #DIRTY_MINDS which are in need of deep cleaning. This task is supposed to be done by the individual only. This is one of the genuine task to be accomplished everyday.


The most destructive mentality is:
“#Flames are #appreciated unless it #burns #my own #hands”

Sabse khatarnak #soch ajki ye hai ke:
“#Aag tab tak #acchi lagti hai jab tak wo mere khud ke hath na #jalaye”

Virat – the cricket sensation

Virat Kohli, the new sensation in Indian Cricket was born in Delhi on November 8, 1988. In his boyhood only Kohli had made up his mind to play cricket in the blue jersey. He has been accepted worldwide as one of the finest batsman born in India. Kohli is popularly known for his aggression and emotional nature. Some consider this as one of the key to success. His anger fuses with the coolness of Indian skipper Mahindra Singh Dhoni and this fusion changes the game for Indian Cricket team.

We hereby bring you some of the interesting, amazing and inspiring facts related to the marvelous Indian cricketer.

This young angry and emotional cricketer is a very sweet and family loving person (particularly his mother).
Kohli is well-known by the name of “Chiku” among his family and team members.
Virat has a brother and a sister as his siblings.
He likes to work out and keep himself fit.
Kohli loves travelling and hanging out with his family and friends.
Virat has always idealized Sachin Tendulkar. He considers himself lucky to play along with the “God of Cricket”, Sachin Tendulkar in the same team.
After Sachin Tendulkar and Suresh Raina, Virat Kohli has been successful in scoring ODI centuries afore his 22nd birthday.
He has been successful in gaining the status as one of the most trust worthy batsman.
Virat Kohli became distinguished cricketer from all the other cricketers when he was just 19 years of age.
He had led the under 19 cricket team of India in 2008 U-19 World Cup to victory.
His determination to fulfill his father’s dream was demonstrated when he played his first match for Delhi against Karnataka in the Ranji Trophy.
He had lost his father when he made his debut in the Ranji Trophy and scored 90 runs for his team.
Kohli has created a record of scoring 20 centuries in ODI’s in just 133 innings. Earlier the same record was with Sachin Tendulkar but in 197 innings.
Virat Kohli has created a record of becoming the first Indian to score a century in a debut World Cup match.
He has also registered a record of achieving fastest 15 centuries in the One Day Internationals (ODIs).
He has registered his name at the fourth place as a 1000 runs scorer in One Day International matches for three consecutive years.
Kohli has gained the honor of becoming ICC’s Cricketer of the Year in 2012.
He got this award by International Cricket Council (ICC) due to his exceptional performance in 2012. He had scored the highest runs in tests as well as ODI matches.
He was just 23 years old when he received this award.
He has been referred as one of the most aggressive and destructive batsman by Vivian Richards who sees himself in Kohli.
In 2013, Kohli contributed a century from just 52 balls to assist India to chase the massive score of 360 in ODI match.
Kohli wears tattoos on his body which are admired by him a lot.
He considers the Golden Dragon tattoo as a lucky charm for him.
Kohli’s favorite tattoo is of Samurai Warrior.
Kohli’s persistent performance has earned him responsibilities. He has been vice captain under Mahindera Singh Dhoni and has been given the opportunity to lead the team in Dhoni’s absence.
Kohli is famous not only for his cricket skills but also for his style and temperament.
He bears the image of “the boy next door” which makes him popular and admirable.
In 2012, Kohli’s name was mentioned in the list of top 10 well-dressed international men.
The list of top 10 well-dressed international men also included the name of the most powerful man in the world, US President Barack Obama.
Kohli possesses the records of becoming the fastest Indian cricketer to nick a 1000, 3000, 4000 and 5000 runs in One Day Internationals.
It is interesting to know that the first crush of Virat Kohli was Karishma Kapoor.
Virat has a very soft heart for kids. He runs The Virat Kohli Foundation that aims to support the neglected and unfortunate children in the society.
Virat Kohli is the only Indian cricketer to attend the funeral of Phil Hughes, the cricketer who unfortunately died in the cricket field.
Virat Kohli has gained success in a very short span of time. We all know that he has achieved such a glorious reputation due to his hard work and determination. Virat Kohli gives the credit to his family and friends, particularly his mother, who have always supported and blessed him. He also thank his fans who have been there to encourage him in his success as well as in the time of defeat.

Sach janne ki koshish wahi log karte hain jo andhere se nikal kar sachai ki roshni ka samna karne ko himmat rakhte hain.