The performance of Royal Challengers Banglore (RCB) has truly been disappointing this IPL. Such devastating condition of team has never been expected by any IPL fan. The RCB team which has set the record of highest runs scored the lowest one too in this season. Captain Virat Kohli must discover the reasons before it gets too late.

It is difficult to accept the fact that RCB has reached to such point. However, the cause is more important than the results. Even the titans like A B de Villiers and Chris Gayle are not able to uplift the condition of team. The Captain Kohli himself has not performed well this season.

Indian Premier League (IPL) has flooded the world of cricket with amazing talent. One of them belonged to this team as well. In IPL season 9, this team brought out a packet of talent in the form of Sarfaraaz. He was much appreciated not only by teammates or fans but also by every IPL lover. His batting style was certainly charismatic. Sarfaraaz supported the team even in the most stages. RCB often reached victory  due to Sarfaraaz’s mind-blowing (toofaani) batting and fielding.

IPL season 10 expected to see more from this young chap. However, he was dropped due to certain reasons. The matter to ponder is that whether dropping Sarafaraz was the biggest fault by RCB. If so, cant it be rectified.

Virat Kohli must give a thought to this point and try to get the young sarfaraz back onto the field. This seems to be the most evident solution for RCB TEAM. Captain Kohli needs to get the team out of this situation. If not in this season then at least in future.


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