Long time…

Long time since I wrote something…. 

Today something made me return to writing. A warm thanks to that person who made me realize the power of my inked notions.

So the thing is that people around me are getting interesting these days. Analysing and interpreting their actions is fun. I am not judgemental. Its just amusing how people deceive themselves only. 

There are many outspoken people and i really appreciate it. But I just wish that these people realize the difference between being straight forward and being a big mouth.

There are such marvellous people who believe their arrogance to be their style statement. Such people believe that shaming another will add to their prestige. Such kind of people live in their fantasy world where they blindfold their eyes and reckon that everyone is blind too. 

When they will tumble and fall, they will find themselves in pit and others at elevation. Their pride will crush into pieces. The light reflected by their competitors will be too bright for them. That day they will truly be blinded and will repent for their deeds. 


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