What is left for you to do, A B de Villiers?

​Interesting facts about AB de Villiers

There is nothing left unsaid about AB de Villiers. He has been called the superman of South Africa. He is also been labelled as ABCDE, AB Can Do Everything.  Superb! We cannot even imagine what ‘de Villiers must have felt when he got all these titles, but we can be sure of one that that he has earned these titles with his extraordinary cricket. He is an exceptional batsman, a remarkable wicket-keeper, in short he is an outstanding cricketer. He has made fastest fifty, fastest hundred and fastest hundred and fifty in One Day International (ODI). Whoa! That’s is simply breathtaking.

In the Indian Premier League as well, he has recently astounded the cricket world with his incomparable performance while playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore.

To discover some interesting facts about AB ‘de Villiers is similar to saluting this brilliant cricket soul. So here we unleashed you some of the most interesting facts about the “Superman of South Africa.”

1. AB de Villiers was born on February 17, 1984. His full name is Abraham Benjamin de Villiers.

2. Ab de Villiers is undoubtedly an all-rounder known on the field of cricket, but did you that he was nominated National Junior Hockey Squad and National Junior Football Squad.

3. The talent doesn’t end here. He was the captain of South African Junior Rugby team as well.

4. De Villiers possess excellent swimming skills.

5. AB talent in sports is itself worthy of appreciation as he has been a champion of Under 19 Badminton Tournament.

Well now we know why he is labelled as ABCDE. Apart from sports, did you know about his interest in music and his scholar mind?

6. AB had great interest in science. Imagine. We thought that sportsmen may not to be studious, but de Villiers was. He won a National award by none other than Nelson Mandela for his excellent project of Science.

7. He appreciates to be called AB rather than AB de Villiers. Okay, we will call him AB too.

8. AB was employed at the age of 4 where he used to cart drinks to his cricketer brother. He used to earn a chance to bat at the close of the day.

9. De Villiers is a lyricist and guitarist as well. He has a great taste in music. Did you that he is a part time musician as well? Well yes and he has released a music album in 2010, “Maak Jou Drome Waar”

10. AB enjoys sea food and pasta the most.

11. His most admired sportspersons are Tiger Woods and Roger Federer and Manchester United is his favorite soccer team. 

12. AB self-confessed to be doctor instead of a sportsman. 

13. He said that he wished to be like his father. He had Biology as his subject as well.

14. He believes in numerology and his lucky number is 17.

15. The South African Superman hates snakes because he is extremely afraid of them.

Well after knowing such great things about AB de Villiers there is only one question left to be asked from him. What is left for you to do, AB de Villiers??


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