E-Journalism as Profession

​E-journalism has become a popular term in the past few decades has given platform to the passionate people to bring out their skills and talent and share it with the world as well. The word E-journalism means Electronic Journalism. It includes radio, television and online news as well. Internet has succeeded in removing innumerable boundaries and barriers of this world. News can be communicated throughout the world within a blink of eyes. 

Various new practices are being introduced from time to time. Every journalist in the present era has to become an E-Journalist to walk with the pace of the world.  It is a multiplatform for the people in the journalism field.  E- Journalism can be referred as the basic element in journalism which includes the focus on style of writing, rare techniques of research and reporting and broadcasting online using computers.

As the name implies, E- Journalism is associated directly with all the electronic mediums of communications. These mediums include radio, television and internet.  Reporting through any of these mediums is part of electronic journalism.


Radio is the oldest form of communication which is quite popular even till now.  This is one of the best modes to communicate to masses. It is considered as one of the best way to spread information to people in far places and to every kind of audience including semi literate and even illiterate people. Radio Broadcasting can be accomplished through several forms which includes AM and FM.  A radio journalist does work no lesser than other journalists, however, the way to communicate is different as he/ she has to concentrate on his/ her voice modulation. Radio broadcasting lacks visualization thus the message has to be cautiously conveyed to these people. The new format introduced in radio is the online radio. This has gained immense popularity and thus a significant means of communication.


 The other medium of electronic communication is television. It is one of the most influential ways to communication a large number of people. This is the most popular medium to communicate throughout the world. An e-journalist has to work very hard as well to spread information to his/her spectators. It assists in connecting with people by concentrating more on visuals than audio. Unlike radio journalists, a television journalist is required to communicate to people not only by speaking but also providing pictures and videos. 

Television has also become easily available online, thus a new format has been introduced in delivering news and information to people anytime and anywhere.


The use of internet is extremely famous these days. It is hard to find person who does not use internet these days. People use it to gather information and knowledge as it is available easily. Journalism has found a new means to communicate to his/ her audience and spectators. News is publicized on various websites and thus e-journalism has found a new platform to share and spread information.

Through all these means of communications, e-journalists have discovered a new platform and a new format to share news and information. There is a vast career for those people who have a desire to gain name and fame in the field of journalism. 


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