That innocent creature crossed my way
I called it lovingly like everyday
Though it reacted differently today
Did not respond to my gesture of play.

I went closer to her, not unaware of her pain
I felt her impatience as she searched for her little ones in vain.
Seemed she read my thoughts, pondering over her agony, her bane
She walked by my side and then led me to that same lane again

Her inquisitive empty eyes looked into mine
A shiver and a chill went through my spine
I lowered my gaze helplessly in shame
As i belonged to that race that bears her allegations and blames
Of putting her puppies to the fiery flames.

Tears rolled down my cheeks
As i watched a restless mother in seek
Of her babies who will never return
I have witnessed her motherhood which does not allow her to sleep.

Seeing my face in distress, she came running to me
Her old gestures returned as she struggled to make me happy
She made me wonder
Whether her affection for us was her strength or insanity
I wish I could tell her that
Humans are here but there is little Humanity


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