Truth is…

The truth is
This world is afraid of power and dominant on the weak.
Just for the rich and unjust for the feeble
Affectionate and caring for the egoistical and harsh towards the meek.
Loathes the lethal and liar and tortures the honest and poor.
This world follows duality in everything yet fights for equality and justice.
This world possess two faces like Janus
One to deceive others and the other that beguiles itself.
People starve for contentment yet forget to seek it in their own conscience.
Blame not the world to be weird
It is the people who crucify each other.
What was done in the past cannot be undone
Let us brighten the time to come.
The truth is
This world has been beautiful today and forever
Lets not exhibit false competency
To devastate lives of each other.


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