To Someone Special- my love

Its been a long time since I penned down something. It feels like ages. Perhaps I was soaked into the matters of life that needed priority. Or may be I took the path that never belonged to me.

Sooner or later God made me realise that there are pages which are to be filled by me. When I lost myself, like an angel, she discovered me again. “She”- she is my Mother. She has been my guiding star all along and even today its because of her that I have made a come back.

I have never been able to identify that energy which she gives me. Its never that she consoles or medidate me but yes she does heal my disturbed soul.

I can comprehend one thing that the relationship between a child and a mother is unique. Its not unnatural as it has the tangy flavour. The role of my mother has always been supportive but it has also been sour at times.

Today, I want to dedicate this post to my  mother and the years we have spent together. Its hard to describe what it has been. There are thousands of memories which are immersed in my mind.

The time when I used to break down, she always comforted me. When I had a great day, she listened to my stories patiently. When I reached home, she wiped my face affectionately. That one hug from her gives that protective circlet where no one can harm me.

When I did wrong, that scolding from her brought me tears of regret. She endured my teenage dissolution. I repent how I misconducted due to my mood swings.

The golden words, “I LOVE YOU” are insufficient to express what you mean to me. I just want to thank Almighty for gifting me His most precious jewel.

You are there to appreciate my achievements, forgive my mistakes and bring me back from my downfalls. You are always there to be my sister, my best friend, my advisor, my teacher and above all MY MOTHER. I pray that our spicy, sweet and sour relationship continue forever.

A small token of affection and thanks to my love of life. My mother … Love you loads





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