The Girl Next Door

With a smile on her face
And secrets buried in her eyes
She comes out to face the world
With her strength by her side.

People find her cheerful
They reckon her talk charming
They wish to know her better
They want her to share her feelings.

Yet, they fail to realise that the flame of trust that lived
Has been blown away
And what remains ignited in her
Are just burning ashes.

I observe this girl making new memories
She pretends her delight
She deceives the people she meets
She has worn herself a disguise
This apparently brave girl

Has intense fear to hide

She told me earlier

Its just to make her feel fine

She unknowingly taught me a vital lesson
That this world is a weird place
It can never be satisfied
No matter how hard you try.
People desire to alter you
And then they are the ones who criticize.
They enjoy being with you
Unless you raise your voice.

When she encountered reality

She soon realised

Her notions were a fantasy

That could never survive

Yesterday she wished to be the change

But today they call her wise

She has nutured the thought within her

And accepted the changes into her life.


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