Measuring dual visions

Recent happenings around me have immensely moved my soul and the impact is both positive and negative. The thoughts that are flashing into my mind desire to be penned down and thus I begin.

First of all I want to get your attention to the judgement regarding ‘Nirbhaya’ case in India. The case has not only affected females but males, who love and respect women and have humanity preserved within them, are also deeply disappointed

What a new trend can now there be! The most conventional way of succeeding in life is to destroy a girl’s life and devastate her family’s foundation. In return you will be rewarded with an establizhed business and money. You will also get POLICE PROTECTION and VIP treatment.


Such a pathetic and disgusting way of insulting the pain of that brave girl who lived to expose the culprits. Recent addition to this is you will be rewarded to rape someone’s daughter to quench the thirst of revenge. Is this actually the world of humans? Such people are worse than terrorists. Even barbarians will be ashamed to hear these instances.


We live in a world where portraying a woman like a show piece reflects broadminded and women empowered society. Hypocrites! If a woman wants to show what she wants that is not freedom. When women exposes according to authorities that is liberty.


Save girl child!

Another common issue of our society. Why to save them? So that when she grows up, she finds herself at the mercy of such ‘Savages’.


A girl of any age is not safe and today the law is required to be altered. The trust upon the judiciary is fading and it is near to vanish completely. Perhaps, that day is not far when you will be having a world war between males and females.


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