Whose life is important?

There are numerous questions and issues that we face every day in our lives.  Some of them are temporary while others exist forever. The interesting part is that some questions are invisible to our wisdom though we answer them regularly. One of them is “Whose life is important?” It is a question of broad spectrum as well but  we allowed people to express their first thought that came into their minds.

In order to know people’s opinion, a survey was conducted in which people from different walks of life, were asked to reply to this question. This also assisted us in understanding different people and their perspectives. Some found this question an “out of syllabus one” At first instance, while others gave spontaneous replies as well. There were some who triggered their wisdom machine and then responded with intellectual answers. The people who initially found this question inappropriate began to ponder and furnished with the most prudent replies.

One of the immediate answers included ‘my life’ or the life of the family members particularly mother. Of course there is no one more important for us than our beloved ones. Their lives are equally as vital as our lives are for them. For many of us, our beloved ones include our pets as well.  If we get deeper into this aspect, then why do we care for those public figures who do not even know our names?

Some hilarious responses were also recorded who declared the life of the ‘delivery boys’ most significant as the delivery of the new cell phone or the hot cheesy pizza should not be delayed. Certainly, how can we forget the battery life of our gadgets. In the present world how can we survive without our gadgets? Some people are most worried for the life of their vegetation in their backyard as they have their meal to cook.

Some very reasonable and sensible answers were also received that were heartfelt and impressive. ‘The life of every living being is important’ was one of such kind. Is the life of terrorist and criminal also valuable? If every being is important then why issues like animal rights and gender equality are being constantly put up? If all are equally important then why each one of us do not get ‘Z’-security or even half of it? Why don’t we all enjoy a ‘VIP’ treatment like some get in the society? In fact we don’t even feel safe when we are at home. It is often heard that the eminent people are rescued at the foremost whenever there is any calamity, accidents, riots or a terrorist attack. They get away securely while a common man is abandoned at the same spot, suffering.

Another response was that the life of every being that is beneficial for the social elements, that spread love, positivity, in a nutshell – humanity is important in this world. A person who values his life must also cherish lives of others. Each human being is a reason of smile and contentment for someone. When life itself is given by the One in Heavens in the womb of the mother, then no human being has the right to snatch it. Some continued and added to condemn suicides based on the prior logic.

It was quite surprising to receive an active participation from the youth who took interest in thinking over this question and expressed some very intelligent perceptions of the mind. Ultimately, it was analysed that the irony is that life of every being is important yet no one is important. This aroused many other questions and made us think, “Is our life really important?” and “Are we actually making our lives worthwhile for others? “. There is no doubt that each being has the right to live but at many situations we observe some discrimination when we see public figures enjoying all the perks or when we prefer our family more than anyone.

So, it was concluded that the one who has riches, power and designation possesses importance in this society. A rich person will somehow circulate his wealth through purchases or charity. A powerful person can use his power to change lives of others. The person who has a designation, either at  commercial or domestic level influences our lives. Mothers are designated as the house-makers and the owners are designated to employ people.  The point to consider is that if we have any of the ‘three’ and we use them to make this world a better place then each one of us can become important. Thus, every life which is valuable to this world is important  and this is the actual answer.


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