Are our virtues making us enemies?

It is a condition of misery when we realize that our virtues make us enemy. We are being taught to be moral, honest, humble, caring, in short – human. However, many times this world cannot bear us to be too for it. Such cases are quite common and the irony is that the victims are often the culprits themselves. Perhaps, their suffering sows the seed of revenge or they have dual policies to treat people.

Whatever the case is, a person with a good heart goes through agony. In such circumstances our mind either snaps or it learns and determines not to repeat such heinous act with others. Unfortunately, the latter usually does not happen. The choice is ours.

We want to make this world better and what are our efforts to make it like that. The best excuse is to blame the era in which we are living- the 21st century. The thing is that it is not the time but the people and upbringing to be alleged. Is it not high time to examine ourselves.

People wish to be treated with justice while they themselves are hypocrites. They expect everything from other and escapes when its their chance to give. It is not that such people never existed. Of course the darkness has been part of this world. The trouble in the present time is the escalation in the number of sick minded people.

Jealousy, back-biting, to conspire, to instigate and so on, all are renowned deeds of evils. The sad part is that people these days are proud to possess such qualities. If we continue like this the that time is not far when our world turns into a virtual hell.


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