What about me?

People tell me that I am helpful

But who is there for me?

People say I bring smile and

Fill them with positivity.

But who does this for me?

They tell me that I bring good luck to them

But who is lucky for me.

They appreciate my support when they begin to decline

But who is there to save me?

They admit that I motivate, encourage and guide them with humility.

Yet I ask the same question to myself

Who does all this for me?

My mind answers me and I feel lonely.

I am there for people but no one is there for me..


6 thoughts on “What about me?

  1. We don’t do all the things for a reason. Especially like making others happy, or smile or motivate or inspire.

    Stop finding out reasons, stop asking yourself whose there for you, instead be there for someone. Rough world sister. Even I love u comes with a expiry date. What else you can expect from this world. Give. Just give. Give it all. No matter what you get in return. Just give it.


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