Real and Reality

It seems that there are many myths in this world that have to be unfolded and those which have been brought into light are misinterpreted and misunderstood. We are taught about simplicity, morals and ethics, positivity, sacrifice and truth. The reality itself is not real. Hypocrisy is the worst of deed yet it is sowed within us like a seed. We learn something that is extremely different from what we practice. All these aspects are bound to spread negativity, abhorrence, fear etc.
However, it does not remain dark forever. Some people in this world would definitely make us believe that humanity is taught and practiced too. These people may receive fame in this world or they may be taken away with wind. The most vital part is that their souls receive eternity. The eternity and peace enjoyed by such divine souls is impossible to discover by those who search for happiness and peace in materialism. Begin to step towards humanity and fulfil the purpose of life to attain eternity.


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