Independence and Future

“What light is to the eyes, what air is to the lungs, what love is to the heart, liberty is to soul”

The definition of freedom distinguishes for every individual. For a 21st century child it is liberty to watch cartoons and play video games and for youth freedom is desired to hang out and chill with friends. But do you that freedom extends to dignity and self respect as well?

Every freedom fighter fought at their own level.  Mahatma Gandhi followed the path of non violence, Netaji asked for blood to return freedom and Tata who constructed Taj Hotel to respond to the humiliating signboards of ” No Dogs and Indians Allowed”. They all stood and fought against British Raj and gifted us liberty. Freedom is truly experienced by someone who has been caged. Therefore, we must cherish it.

British considered Indians unsophisticated and ill mannered. They thought that Indians could never develop but our elders have strived hard and brought India to a status where the world salutes us today. It is our turn to contribute to their hard work and take India to greater heights.

But how do we do it when we still taught lessons on cleanliness and dignity of women? Even after 68 years of Independence we are urged to follow campaigns like “Beti Bachao” and “Swatch Bharat Abhiyan”. These are the cores of Indian culture. Such issues should not even exist in our country. Our freedom fighters could never have imagined such conditions . We need to move ahead of these old issues to focus on others.

I believe we have gained freedom from British Raj in 1947 but today we need to achieve freedom at our psychological, moral and intellectual level. Only then we will be having such old  campaigns or bans on social media.

We should not confine our freedom to mere words or to singing, travelling places and dancing. Freedom is given not to becoming a new person but to become a person you were meant to be.

It is high time to think that our future generations should also be as proud and grateful to us as we are to ours. It is never too late to mend and there is always hope. Never believe that your individual efforts would bring no difference. Remember that great revolutions were brought when a single voice arose and that was joined by trillions of voices.

We are INDIANS. We have reached Mars and sent numerous satellites in space. We are the proud owners of ATOM BOMB that has brought India esteemed recognition all over the world.

Nothing is impossible for us. So why not determine today only and join hands together to make India a better and beautiful place. Together we can pay tribute to our ancestors and also pay off our debts to our country.

” Chodo kal ki baate
  kal ki baat purani
  Naye daur me likhenge
  Milkar nayi kahani……   Hum Hindustani”


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