Maradona-the ‘foot’ legend

The man who had astounded us with his intellect and expertise, Diego Maradona, has devoted his life to his passion that is soccer. Even after retirement, Maradona did not disassociate himself from football. He has been a terrific player, manager and coach. Everyone who is bonded with football has deep admiration for him for sure. Therefore, we bring forth some interesting facts related to Maradona.
o Maradona’s full name is Deigo Armando Maradona.
o He has been referred as “El Diego”, “El Dios”, “Hand of God” etc.
o He was born on October 30, 1960 in Argentina. He bears the zodiac sign of Scorpio.
o Maradona is the fifth child of his eight siblings. He belonged to an average family. His father was a factory worker.
o Maradona functioned as number 10 player as a midfield attacker and striker.
o Maradona began his youth career in football at the age of just 8 with Estrella Roja.
o When Mardona was nearly 16 years of age, he joined the senior club of Argentina, Argentinos Juniors.
o Maradona got a boost and immense admiration for his extraordinary dribbling, passing, spontaneous reactions and speed, when he won the World Cup 1986.
o He had been an active element of his National team in four FIFA World cups.
o He has scored 34 goals and bagged 91 caps i.e. international apearances for his nation Argentina.
o Maradona was given the name of “El Pibe de Oro” which means “The Golden Boy”.
o Another interesting fact about the 1986 football World Cup was that Maradona had brought victory to his team by hitting 2 goals in quarter-final match against England.
o Both of Maradona’s goals in the 1986 World Cup created History.
o One of them became “The Goal of the Century” as voted by FIFA. This goal was hit passing the dribble through 5 England players for a distance of 60m.
o The other one was popular with the name of “Hand of God” as it was shot by Maradona’s left hand and that was a not a legal goal.
o Maradona possesses a mischievous sense of humor.
o He has been an unconventional as well as controversial footballer of his time.
o He has a record of most fouled footballer registered in his name.
o He was suspended for period of 15 months when he found guilty in drug test. The drug test was found positive in 1991 as well as 1994.
o Maradona has the tattoo of Che Guevara imprinted on his arm.
o Carlos Bilardo, the manager of Argentina’s football team had claimed to take Maradona if he get a chance to choose his XI players.
o Being an outspoken person, Maradona had various haters and foes in his circle as well as in the journalism sector.
o Maradona and Pele were popular as the greatest rivals.
o He had once refused to go for a football tournament in 2006, by saying that he did not want to see Pele’s face.
o Maradona began hosting his own chat show in 2005. His first guest to appear was Pele.
o The field of Argentinos Juniors was named as Estadio Deigo Armando Maradona, to pay a tribute and token of respect to Maradona.
o He had acquired numerous achievements, however they were eclipsed by drug addiction (cocaine) and consequently heath distresses.
o Maradona does not admire George W. Bush at all.
o He had coached Al-Wasl, a Dubai based pro league football team for 2011-12 session.
o Maradonna has also another record set in his career of becoming the skipper for the maximum times. He led his national team 16 times which has not been broken yet.
o He has set a record of obtaining 53 fouls in the World cup of 1986.
o Maradona married Claudia Villafane on 7 November, 1989. He has two kids.
o His marriage did not have a happy end. It longed for fifteen years only as it reached the destiny of divorce in 2004.
o Maradona was banned for two months by FIFA for retorting indecent comments publicly.
o He even had a sour argument with FIFA directors which resulted


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