God is not everyone!

Before designating someone as God or reflection of God, check if that individual possesses certain traits.

1. Is that person just? 

2. Does he/she possess humbleness?

3. Is that person unique in every aspect?

4. Has that person never committed any fault?

5. Does he/she possess strong will, tolerance and power to forgive?

See the nature

The roads twists and turns itself to take you to your destiny. It signifies no matter what yoi just go ahead and explore the world. And if you reach a dead end, these roads will never forbid you from returning and discovering new paths. Nature is always there for you its just your will power and determination that differentiates winners from losers.

The circle of life seeks no end. In Nature as well it is drawn day and night. Sun that scorched the whole day ultimately sets in the evening. It seeks to take refuge behind the trees. The trees; be it bloomed or withered attempts to conceal the sun for rest. Ovee shadowing the hot sun, trees cool the evening so that moon may shine upon Earth.

Touchwood for 21st century generation

Thank Goodness we belong to the 21st century who are not blinded with superstitions or brainwashed by orthodox mentality…

We believe in logic, facts, interpretation and analysis. We cross check and examine before formulating a point of view. 

Our generation is straight, broad minded and accepting. We are not toads of a well who may sway away with sugar coated words. 

Some elders need to comprehend that. It is a humble request.

Himmat rakh, ye waqt bhi guzar jana hi hai

​Jab jab zameen pe zulm badhta hai..

Koi na koi maseeha aata hi hai…

Tu sabr rakh aye makhlooq e khuda…

Ye waqt bhi guzar jana hi hai..

Zalim se badhkar ek Taaqat hai yaaro

Uski laathi be-awaaz hai

Par insaaf jab Wo karta hai

Taqdeer badal teri jaani hi hai…


​One can debate only when the opinions are respected and taken sportingly, where there is no blame game or imposition.
Waad vivaad waha hi kari jaa sakti jaha dusro ke drishtikon ka aadar kia jaye, jaha ilzaamat ya apni baat thopi na jaye… 


The performance of Royal Challengers Banglore (RCB) has truly been disappointing this IPL. Such devastating condition of team has never been expected by any IPL fan. The RCB team which has set the record of highest runs scored the lowest one too in this season. Captain Virat Kohli must discover the reasons before it gets too late.

It is difficult to accept the fact that RCB has reached to such point. However, the cause is more important than the results. Even the titans like A B de Villiers and Chris Gayle are not able to uplift the condition of team. The Captain Kohli himself has not performed well this season.

Indian Premier League (IPL) has flooded the world of cricket with amazing talent. One of them belonged to this team as well. In IPL season 9, this team brought out a packet of talent in the form of Sarfaraaz. He was much appreciated not only by teammates or fans but also by every IPL lover. His batting style was certainly charismatic. Sarfaraaz supported the team even in the most stages. RCB often reached victory  due to Sarfaraaz’s mind-blowing (toofaani) batting and fielding.

IPL season 10 expected to see more from this young chap. However, he was dropped due to certain reasons. The matter to ponder is that whether dropping Sarafaraz was the biggest fault by RCB. If so, cant it be rectified.

Virat Kohli must give a thought to this point and try to get the young sarfaraz back onto the field. This seems to be the most evident solution for RCB TEAM. Captain Kohli needs to get the team out of this situation. If not in this season then at least in future.

Ek kamyab, dusra balidaan hojata hai

Aaj kal ek naya trend market me aya hai

Ek ko sarahney ke liye dusrey ka manobal giraya jata hai

Phir matlab aney pe girey hue ko phir se lubhaya jaata hai

Wo khush ho jaye to teesrey ko rulaya jaata hai

Ese kisi ko girtey dekh, kisi ke aansu dekh

Koi akhir khush kese hojata hai

Koi andar se toot raha hota hai

Or samne wala prasann bhi ho jata hai