London Attack

Its strange to notice that whenever Britain acts against the desires of Israel, a terror attack happens.




​Here we are again, with another informative piece of matter that will interest all the car lovers whether they belong to sports world or not.

Sports cars have such sleek and stylish looks that leave you in a dumbfounded situation. Their speed and performance always knocks for six. 

We bring the best sports cars for you. Better check them out…

Chevrolet Corvette

This is one of the greatest sports car of the year 2015 in the world. This car is also referred as C7 as it is the 7th generation car. The car was introduced as a sports car in 2014. It has all the looks and design that is coveted by a car lover. In addition to this it allows you to choose between eight-speed automatic convertibility with a seven speed manual. This car has unbelievable performance record.

Porsche Cayman

Next we have Porsche Cayman. It possess everything that is required for a sports car. It has left behind various rival car companies due its outstanding performance. It has a perfect balance of weight. The car has not been compromised it its looks as well. It has GTS and S model. It has standard six-speed annual, but it can be enhances to automatic seven-speed. All these features add cherry to the cake.

Porsche Cayman GT4

The next most preferred sports car in our list is Porsche Cayman GT4. The car cheers with its delightful six-speed manual and a flat-six base 385-hp 3.8-liter. The car has been flattened by 1.2 inches. Porsche Cayman has been an outstanding model but GT4 s well owns all the breath taking features and specifications. Go for it….

Jaguar F-type R
This is one of the most influential car offered by Jaguar to the world of sports and racing. It has beauty in every way, be it appearance, features or speed. Jaguar knows how to charm its fans and thus provides you with an automatic 8-speed feature. This car would charm you as soon as you take a test drive. Once experienced, there could be no one who would not admire this four-wheeler.

Porsche Boxster

Boxster is here with its booming engine of flat six and S and GTS model. This car retains an extra quality to distinguish itself from other cars and that is its thrilling interior designing. Possessing Boxster, is similar to a dream come true. Its smart suspension and brake technology adds more plus points to it. The car offers 7 speed automatic along with satisfying 6 speed manual. This is one those must-to-have cars.

Ferrari 458

Here we have Ferrari, the name itself narrates what to expect. We have no strong rival against the bombastic 458, its speed with 7-speed dual clutch, power of 563-hp V-8, F1 stimulated suspension and performance of engine is incomparable.

Porsche 911

This car has been regularly improvised for 50 years and has impressed he competitors as well as the car world with its upgraded features. The design is superb, and its 7 speed could be altered from manual to automatic as well. This, according to our estimation is one of the best and most superlative sports cars available in the present era.

Lamborghini Huracan

This car has emerged as a worthy contender in this period of time. This is one of those sports cars which charms us with its exterior and interior designing. The car has the brand name “Lamborghini” and elegant looks are astonishing. It has unique automatic gear box with 7 speed dual clutch. However, it does not provide manual transmission. It has another interesting quality, it has 202mph of top speed to enjoy.

Porsche 911 Turbo S

As said earlier that Porsche has always impressed the world of cars with its extraordinary improvisations. Yet again it has done it with Porsche 911 Turbo/ Turbo S. this model has everything inherited from the earlier models yet it has everything to compete with the other sports cars available has a 7 speed dual clutch and can be swirling on the roads at the speed of 60mph in a time span of just 6 seconds.

McLaren 650S

This car has undergone various modifications and ultimately it came out with the best. The car has a great balanced weight and a terrific speed. Its 7 speed PDK feature allows the car to claims to reach a speed of 60mph in less than 3 seconds.

Ferrari La Ferrari

Here we go again with Ferrari. This car comes from the most prominent brand in the sports cars world Ferrari. This car has dazzling interior and exterior designs. The car’s acceleration is flabbergasting. The car has been modernized to make it user friendly car. It won’t be surprising to know that the car is among the most expensive and prestigious cars to own. 

These cars have been considered one of the most remarkable cars by the international magazines as well. We give all these cars a big THUMBS-UP!

These cars have everything possessed by them. They have looks, they have designs. They have modifications, brand names and style. So which of the sports cars is your deepest desire to o

Hansi aati hai un haathon pe Jo dusron ko baddua deke khud ke liye dua karte hain. 

Akhir kisi ki barbaadi pe khush hone wale se khuda kese khush hoga.

It is ridiculous to see that tongue praying for himself and cursing the other.

How can Lord be pleased with that person who desires ill for His very own creation?

Ginger Love

Meet Ginger..

Ginger has never been like this since childhood. In fact she has had the most ordinary life like any other stray dog. She survived on the leftovers, chased cars, and often chased by some insane shopkeepers and rag pickers.

Then what made Ginger special for me?

The fine lovely day began with my normal routine work from home to office and then back to home. It was that returning home incident that introduced me to Ginger.

I stopped at a shop to buy some snacks for myself. While the shopkeeper packed my things, I observed an adult dog who looked like a small one because of starvation and weakness. The poor thing laid on pavement with eyes shut. Probably she was in deep sleep that she did not notice a group of boys on bicycles around her. 

I turned around to collect my packet and pay for it and then left the shop to go home. It was a shriek that obstructed my footsteps. I looked around to discover the source of that scream. I found the feeble dog trying to protect herself from those boys. I realized that the boys tried to run their bicycles over her. I could not believe my eyes when I watched them laughing on her painful moans. 

I shouted at them and ran to rescue her. Those boys knew their sin and ran away from her. I ran closer to Ginger who was hurt and scared. Realizing her condition I tried to comfort her so I threw a piece of bread to befriend her.

I called her to follow me to home. The poor being was extraordinarily genius. She followed.

I fed her with as much food as I could arrange. Since then Ginger has been with me. A lot more healthier and happy. She follows me to the main road and waits until I board a bus. She runs to receive me as soon as she sees me at the corner of street. She greets me with her wagging tail when she finds me walking on the terrace early morning.

She is love and those boys have been inhuman and ridiculous. When are we going to accept that this world belongs to these innocent animals as well who have often ashamed humanity with their loyalty, love and affection. I wonder if they have changed themselves. Or are there more GINGERS waiting to be rescued?

Women: Yesterday Today Tomorrow

​Logon ne to BIBI AYESHA (R.A), SEETA MATA aur MOTHER MARY ko nahi chain se rehne dia.. Hum to sadharan mahilaye hain..




Sports and health are inter-related to each other. A sportsperson cannot be expected to unhealthy or an ill person cannot claim to be good sportsperson. Exercises and fitness are part of sports. Many people take up numerous games as a hobby. Every game has its own unique health benefits.

The football or soccer, no doubt, is the world’s most popular sport. Football is not only loved by youth but also children and this makes this game having the highest number of spectators in and out of the stadiums. The football game has the record of having the highest number of viewers in a single match. 

Soccer or football (another well-known name) is one of the most played and watched games. Their players are idealized for their fitness and lifestyle. Many people around the world play football for exercise rather than as a profession. So here we are, describing you some of the most advantageous aspects of playing football. This game has both, physical and psychological benefits.
Helps to get rid of strain and stress: Football is indeed very help in getting relief from our day’s hard work. It energizes and rejuvenates your soul. While playing football you forget all the worldly strains and stresses and indulge your complete focus on using the ball with your feet.


Makes the bones strong: It requires a lot of running and this helps n strengthening your muscles and bones. The feet particularly get used to running, kicking and hitting.
Enhances the immunity and stamina: Playing soccer undoubtedly enhances your endurance and makes your body stabilized. It also triggers our glands to produce hormones to increase the boy’s immunity.

Makes you active and sociable: Soccer is a team game. It has 11 playing members. Of course you need to be friendly and social with all the members. Thus, this game makes you social and friendly. You meet various people of different nature and they all belong to different walks of life. It makes you more responsive and cheerful. 

Soccer helps you in maintaining your heath and keep you fit. By fitness we mean physical as well as psychological. When you good at both the stages you become active inevitably.
Builds confidence:  When you a game you face both, victories and defeats. It motivates you build sportsman spirit and thus builds your confidence.
Can help improve your dire mood: When your mood is off or you feel low then football can make you cool and calm. When you exchange your gestures of friendship and joy then you form a positive attitude.

Improves harmonization and stability: The practice of coordination and firmness is the most important element in proceeding in life. This habit is necessary in youth as well as adults. Therefore, spending your leisure time in football can prove to be very fruitful.
Protects from various diseases: It has been globally accepted that exercises and workouts makes a person active and less prone to sickness. This game involves intense workout and as a result stimulates your glands to work efficiently to protect the body against diseases and toughen it as well.

Cardiovascular exercise: the cardiovascular exercise is mingled with fun through football. It not only gives you joy but also assist in losing your extra calories-resulting in reducing body fat. 
Beneficial for growing children: It is an easy game to learn for kids as well. The benefits of this game can be extracted out to the maximum by growing children. They will have a sound health and mind. They will learn many lessons from the game only which will build a strong personality. Many children, particularly in the western nations encourage their children to play football so that they can be saved from the diseases like diabetes and obesity. 
We would like to tell you some safety precautions so that you don’t get yourself hurt while playing. 

Always warm up before the game. Your muscles should not undergo fatigue by putting sudden stress upon them.

Don’t do anything in excess as it may result lethal as well. Son play football to the extent which is bearable for you.

Do a self-analysis of your physique and endurance so that you may not exhaust yourself.

If you are a beginner then try to play under somebody’s supervision and according to the rules.

Follow the rules. The game is only productive when you gain peace in your mind as well. Breaking the rules can trigger frustration and uproar in mind.

Use protective equipment and take preventive measures to avoid any serious injuries that may spoil the fun as well your future. 

Soccer, thus not only serves as a source of enjoyment but possess various benefits. These benefits are physical, emotional and cerebral. However, don’t forget to take safety measures as well.